Eco Resorts in India

Top 5: Eco Resorts in India

At Desi Tripper, we certainly encourage our community to travel in a more responsible way and become environmentally conscious travellers. Wouldn’t it be great if we could indulge ourselves in a wonderful holiday while contributing to the safety of our planet? There are so many wonderful, lesser-explored and eco-friendly gems in our own beautiful country. Here are our Top 5 recommendations of Eco Resorts in India:

1. Grand Oak Manor: Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttarakhand.

Responsible travel in India

This beautiful 19th-century estate reflects everything that a nature getaway is meant for. Quietly nestled in the lesser explored regions of the Kumaon hills, the experience at Grand Oak Manor is absolutely therapeutic. One can enjoy the vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas, indulge in delicious Kumaoni dishes, and strike lovely conversations with the forest villagers of Binsar. For trippers who are looking to have a serene and peaceful getaway surrounded by nothing but dense forests, The Grand Oak Manor will live up to all your expectations.

Sustainable effort: This hotel is largely powered by solar energy. They grow their own produce and offer employment to the villagers of Kumaon. To experience the traditional village life, they also offer overnight stays at traditional Kumaoni homestays run by the local villagers.

2. Spice Village, Thekkady, Kerala.

Eco Resorts in India

Spice Village is one of the wonderful eco-resorts, recognised for its constant efforts towards sustainable tourism and self-sufficiency. Set amidst the spice plantations of Thekkady, it is located at the edge of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. This resort will give you one of the best experiences of ecological living. With cottages built like a traditional Kerala village, made from natural materials and an abundance of flora and fauna, it offers you all the comforts of luxury and being closer to nature.

Sustainable effort: The resort houses its own power plant which meets nearly all of its energy needs. They grow their own produce on an organic farm, make their own handmade paper and soaps. Also, the cottages don’t use Air conditioning but cooled naturally with dried elephant grass. The furniture is made from recycled Pinewood.

3. Kipling Camp, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

Eco Resorts in India

A wildlife camp situated amidst the grasslands and forest regions of the Kanha National Park, Kipling Camp was established in 1982 by well-known conservationists Bob and Anne Wright. They converted a then barren land to a forest reserve where the camp now stands. Standing true to their motto of “treading softly in the jungle”, the property has beautiful corners to relax, comfort cottages with its own verandas, and views of the surrounding forest. In addition, You can also indulge in activities like forest safari, nature walks, bird watching, or spend time with the resident elephant, Tara.

Sustainable effort: The property has an enlarged water body which acts as a way of collecting rainwater. Secondly, the cottages are made from local natural materials, and the camp is greatly working towards wildlife conservation for decades.

4. Nimmu House, Leh Ladakh

Nimmu House is a delightful property at 10,000 feet in a small traditional village Nimmoo. Located at 35kms from Leh, this hotel is located close to the Indus and Zanskar rivers and is one of the examples of traditional Ladakhi architecture. It strives to create a travel experience that preserves the Ladakhi culture, with authentic cuisine, meditation, Buddhist temples, and a stable for Yaks and Dzos. It is surrounded by apricot and apple orchards, walnut trees with the river flowing at a close distance. The ambiance here is tranquil and the experience, absolutely reviving.

Sustainable effort: It is powered by solar energy to provide heated water. They also have a boutique to support the local artisans, recycling water, and grow their own fruits and vegetables.

5. Wildernest Nature Resort, North Goa

Eco Resorts in India

Located in the scenic valleys of the Goa-Karnataka, Wildernest Nature Resort offers one of the very blissful stay experiences at this former Portuguese colony. Set amidst the forest regions of the Swapnagandha Valley, this property has beautiful vistas of the hills stretching for as long as you can see. Furthermore, you can enjoy panoramic views of Goa and the mighty Dudhsagar falls. The resort is rich in biodiversity and puts great effort into maintaining the sanctity of the jungle.

Sustainable effort: The resort has a wildlife research and conservation facility to create awareness about Wildlife in the Western Ghats. It uses sustainable materials like bamboo, acacia wood, and Khanapur stones. Additionally, they have their own biowaste plants and have strictly implemented the reuse and recycle policy.

Are you ready to recharge your batteries and experience the beautiful ways of ecological living through these Eco Resorts?

Happy Tripping! 💙


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