Top 5: Must-see in San Francisco

The jewel of Northern California, San Francisco gets every travel enthusiast excited. This magical city has a lot to offer, from museums to nature to delectable cuisines, you will keep asking for more. With so many experiences and places to visit, San Fran is the perfect destination for every tripper that loves sightseeing! San Francisco’s mild climate makes it suitable to visit all year round. Since it may get chilly even on a sunny day, it is advisable to always carry a windbreaker with you. Here is a list of the Top 5 must-see in San Francisco :


1. Golden Gate Bridge

The first thing you want to do in San Francisco is to see the iconic Golden Gate bridge! There are multiple points from which you can see this sturdy engineering marvel which was built in 1933- for instance, Baker Beach, Marin’s Vista point or the Crissy fields. To see both sides of the bridge, you can either hike or bike 2.7 Kms of the bridge. The bridge is open all day for a visit, so make the most of it.


2. Cable Cars

Invented nearly 150 years ago, the San Francisco cable cars are unique and provide travellers with picturesque views, unforgettable trips and a taste of the past. Cable cars are extremely accessible and easy to board from three lines – two start at Powell and market and the other at California and market. Pricing details for cable car single trips can be found here: .


3. Fisherman’s Wharf

Head to San Francisco’s most famous and lively waterfront community for one of your life’s best seafood meals! This vibrant community has something to offer for everyone. To know more about daily events visit this site. This is also the best place to book and arrange different tours of the area including the Segway, walking, boat, etc.


4. Alcatraz Island

This infamous prison, located on an island covered with vast expanses of water on all sides was home to America’s most notorious. The prison turned museum is now open for tours. One can take a ferry over to the island and tour the site while listening to an exceptional audio recording that offers a glimpse into prison life. To book tickets to visit the island, please visit this site.


5. The Redwood Trees

Visit the Muir Woods National Monument to see the famous Californian redwood trees. To reach the woods, you need to travel for about an hour from the city- but parking restrictions will make it difficult for you to take your rented car. The best way to visit these 2000-year-old trees is to join a tour.


If you’re a Sight-seeing Tripper aka. someone who loves sight-seeing on their vacay, click here.


Happy Tripping!

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