Top 5 wallet friendly things to do in Paris

Here’s a bit of Paris which is more friendly to your wallet than that expensive French meal along the Champs-Élysées.
A treat for the Culture Trippers too!


1. Take a spooky trip under Paris in the Catacombs

Constructed to eliminate the large number of cemeteries in the city, the Catacombs hold the remains of more than six million people. Visit these underground tunnels for a very different and spooky experience, right under the busy roads of the City of Lights.

You can book your passes to visit the Catacombs here.


2. You don’t have to go up the Eiffel Tower

Take cute pictures under the Eiffel Tower with the adorable bunnies wearing french flag scarves. They are fed by their breeders, so please make sure to leave a friendly (not too much) tip.


3. Watch a tourist get scammed, or even better – save them!

Have a laugh watching a tourist get scammed. They say there is a fool born every minute. Fake petitions to sign that then require payment, the fake wedding ring scam and the classic follow the card are all waiting to take your holiday money. Beware!


4. Visit The Louvre

Visit the Louvre and take that quintessential selfie with the painting of the Mona Lisa. For another breathtaking piece of art, look around right opposite the Mona Lisa where you will find magnificent “The Wedding at Cana” by the Italian artist Paolo Veronese showing the time Jesus turned water into wine.


You can book your passes here.

Basic Pass Information: 

Standard Passes:
Online booking cost: 17 € per person
On the spot booking:15 € per person (this may be a lower cost but involves waiting in a huge queue)

Audio Guide add-on (a great option for better insight):
Your pass + additional 5 € per person.

Ps. Keep an eye for the number of discounts they offer. You might just be eligible for one of them…


5. Take a Romantic Picnic along the Seine

Buy some wine, cheese and fresh baguettes in the local markets, for an intimate and romantic picnic by the river. Our favourite spot is the riverbank right after your walk across the Pont des Arts which is famously known as the Love Locks Bridge (although you cannot put locks on it anymore, it’s a beautiful walk nonetheless). 


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Happy Tripping!

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