Top 5: Ways you can help Mumbaikars affected by COVID-19

Amchi Mumbai has been hit hard by COVID19. We need to save our everyday heroes in order to ensure the future of our city is secure. We consider ourselves lucky to be at home, safe from the worst of the situation. Let’s come together and be there for our fellow citizens, the unsung heroes of our city.

It’s difficult to take action when we are sitting at home, on lockdown – feeling powerless. So, here’s our Top 5 things you can do from the comfort of your couch for our fellow Mumbaikars:

1. Donate to Ketto, India’s most trusted crowdfunding site.

kettoGo to the @covid19feedtheneedy campaign started by @kettoindia to provide essential rations to those who need it the most. Don’t let our fellow citizens go hungry.

2. Show your respect for Mumbai Police.

NGO @khushiyaanorg are the heroes distributing face shields & masks to our frontline warriors. What better way to show @mumbaipolice how much we appreciate their bravery during times like these.

3. Give a meal to your local security guard.

Sponsor cooked meals for your local workersSponsor cooked meals for your local workers, head over to @rotigharindia for more information. To date, they have donated over 3.6 lakh meals, thanks to support from the community, they are fighting this war against the virus.

4. Support the youth to support us.

Top 5_ Ways you can help Mumbaikars affected by COVID-19 (3)150If you are between the ages of 15 and 24, @officialyuva is THE foundation you should be aligning your beliefs with. They have their heart (& head) in the right place. They have identified families that are at risk & at just Rs. 600, you can provide sustenance to a family for a whole week. They’ve collected over Rs 2 crore, and 100% of it has been spent on relief.

5. Spend a little, save a lot!

 local NGO @apnalayangoProviding medical insurance to community volunteers is just one of the good deeds being done by local NGO @apnalayango. With just Rs 300, you will be able to help them in compensating 1 volunteer for a day’s distribution work. They have helped over 36,000 Mumbaikars so far!

We salute the many organisations that are working tirelessly and the hundreds of individuals risking their lives to go out there and save others’.

Note: We encourage our readers to stay home and stay safe, it is not advised to travel during this time. You can read travel inspiration on our blog in the meantime and plan your future trips.

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