Top 5: ways to not freak out during the Lockdown

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” – Luke 12:25.

Are you freaking out a little bit about the lockdown? We know that fear has never served us any good – yet in a situation like this, we can’t help but feel anxious. Stop. Take a deep breath…

Since we’re all in this together (quite literally) we would like to share our Top 5 ways to not freak out during the Lockdown.


1. Don’t believe everything you read online.

With all the fake news being forwarded, people across the globe have been experiencing a lot of stress. For one, we’re all doing our very best at social distancing, and while we’re at it we are glued to our phones constantly reading about something related to Cornonavirus. Not everything you read online is true. You know that, right?


2. Don’t impulsively shop.

Being precautious and making sure you have enough bread, milk, and supplies in the house for three weeks is a wise decision. You DO NOT need 40 rolls of toilet paper or 20 surgical masks. Impulse buying creates panic.

There are doctors out there falling short of masks that they need to wear so as not to contract the virus themselves. And, there are other vulnerable members of society who need their basic daily supplies.


3. Don’t feel bad about plans being cancelled.

Birthdays, lunches and clubbing plans are bound to get cancelled. And you probably won’t be able to make any plans for a while now. But so what? Each and every one of us is in this together. Try to appreciate the fact that you’re at least home with your loved ones. There are some brave citizens who aren’t home because they are key workers. Some who are looking after friends and family that are sick or the ones who are sick themselves.


4. Understand the Situation.

A vast majority of people affected are experiencing symptoms from which they are able to recover. Unfortunately, this will be fatal for some people but we can try to be safe by following the right advice. Yes, we are comprising here because we feel like we are going crazy at home.. but the truth is that it has to be done.


5. Know that together we can get through this, and together we will.

Isolation, Self-Quarantine, and Social Distancing. EVERYONE is making an effort to make the situation better in whatever way they can. And, since it’s quite established that we’re all in this together, we are going to come out of this together as well.


Have faith and focus on the positive news. You can keep an eye on our website for further Coronavirus Updates.


Stay Safe Desi Trippers!

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