Top 5: classic French food

December 23, 2019
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Being the world capital for food, Paris is famed for its dazzling array of butter-drenched pastries and rich and intricate mains. Some items on this list are not for the faint-hearted but if you are feeling adventurous, here are our Top 5 favourite classic French food :


1. Macarons (origin: Italy)

Dainty and stylish desserts made out of two, egg and nut-based cookies, sandwiching a delicious butter-cream filling. When made in the traditional style, macarons are gluten-free; made primarily of almond flour, egg and sugar. And sold in a wide variety of flavours, ranging from rose and salted caramel, to chocolate and coffee.


2. Croissants (origin: Austria)

Almost like a puff pastry, a croissant is a crescent-shaped, flaky and buttery pastry prepared with a number of variations, from being sweet to savoury.


3. Steak Tartare

Beware of it before you order it!
Steak Tartare, a meat dish, is a combination of raw minced meat of horse and beef, prepared with a few seasonings, and served on rye bread and with a raw egg yolk. A lot of people have their doubts about this dish being “safe” to eat. We believe that if fresh ingredients are used by an experienced chef, a steak tartare should be very safe, and in fact very easy and light on the digestive system.


4. Escargot

An extremely palate-pleasing dish made of edible land snails, Escargot is a must-try when in France! Though snails might not be the most visually appealing creatures, they are quite appetizing with a beautifully delicate and chewy texture, and flavoured by the sauce it’s been cooked in.


5. Plat du jour

When translated, Plat du jour literally means a dish of the day, or “Today’s Special”. Every restaurant will have a delicious plate of the day recommended by the chef. No reason not to try it, right?

Splurge your holiday budget on the food that is extremely worth it, but while you’re in Paris opt for the wallet-friendly things to do!


Happy Tripping!

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